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Our Causes

Lockdown Emergency Appeal

in Pakistan

Current Situation Covid-19 has been declared pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is widespread across the world infecting thousand...

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Zakat for Poor


in Pakistan

“Your 2.5% is actually 100% for someone” Alkhidmat Germany is running several projects across Pakistan in order to serve humanity with integrit...

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Appeal for Orphans

in  Pakistan

With debt, defense and general administration consuming more than 80% of the government revenues, there is very little left for social development and...

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  • President’s Message,

    Our aim is to serve Humanity for seeking delight of Creator of humanity. The standard in which we look at serving to humanity has an essential effect on real show of assistance activities. This is the illustration for why our volunteer workers are ready all the times for all people whatsoever the spots without any detachment and without any necessity of normal benefit.

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